Karen's Window Watcher

Karen's Window Watcher 2.2

Window Watcher detects all visible and hidden windows

Are you sure that you know exactly what processes are running in your system at the moment and what windows are opened on your desktop? Window Watcher is a small utility that was developed for giving you detailed information about all visible and hidden windows that are created by the running applications. Such information can be really useful. Using this program you can detect and remove harmful applications from your system and stop those applications that you don’t need. Every time you start it Window Watcher needs some time for analyzing your system. After analyzing is finished you will see the program’s main window with all gained information. You can explore the list of all detected windows’ title bar texts. If you click on any of them you can get its advanced preferences like process priority, window location, module file name and many more. You can refresh the list of the opened windows by pressing the button “Refresh”. When you press it the program repeats the system analysis. You can also set automatic updates in every fixed period of time to avoid doing it manually.

Ilya Barmenkov
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